New site!

Long time no post, as always!

I’ve been agonising for quite a while now about how to separate my personal and professional lives. The two are so intertwined. However, I think I’ve found a good balance – this is my personal blog, and I’m going to have a professional portfolio on (not set up yet!). I’m happy for this blog to reference my professional site, but not so much the other way around. I don’t want potential employers or clients judging me based on my whiney ramblings, inappropriate language, or appreciation of wine.


To mark this new… delineation, I guess, I have got myself the new domain Because nothing is truer than my need for coffee.

Now I just need to actually regularly post stuff which is a feat in and of itself… ahem. You know how every post I make is like “hmm, maybe I should post more stuff? I’ll definitely do that” and then I definitely don’t? That.


Author: Charlotte Em

Bristol-based artsy liberal feminist. Mama to three ferrets.

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